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About the co-op board

The co-op difference

The distinguishing factor that makes cooperatives unique from other businesses is that they are owned by and for their members. The prime goal of a co-op is to benefit its member-owners, even above providing a financial return on investment. At Eastside Food Co-op, the benefit we provide to our member-owners is identified in our Ends Statement:

Eastside Food Co-op is at the forefront of a prosperous and fair cooperative economy. We provide access to healthy food, foster positive environmental impacts, cultivate a thriving community in our neighborhood, and educate members for a sustainable future.

The role of the board

Member-owners of EFC each have one vote in electing the members of the board. In turn, the board is charged with providing leadership to ensure the co-op is serving those member-owners. It does this in a variety of ways from establishing and monitoring policies to hiring and supervising the general manager to planning for the future.

Contact the board

We want our member-owners to feel empowered to voice their concerns, hopes and desires about the co-op to the board. Such dialog enables the board to better do its job.

It’s helpful to understand that some questions, such as those about store operations, can be better addressed by the customer service staff or the general manager. However, if in doubt, feel free to contact both the board and staff.

Email: board@eastsidefood.coop

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For information on running for a board seat and an application, please see the attached PDF at the bottom of this page.


For information about cooperatives click on this link: library.cdsconsulting.coop

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