Chris Pratt

Elected to the board in 2010, Chris Pratt lives in the Windom Park neighborhood with his wife and two children. Chris is a professional IT consultant and an avid volunteer community gardener at Mulberry Junction. Chris's current term runs through October 2013. He serves on the board development and member linkage committees, and is the head chili chef for the annual meeting dinner.

George Fischer

George lives in the Audubon neighborhood with his wife Kristin and two young sons. He's a bicycle commuter to his job as a computer analyst. His skills include good communication skills with a background in technology and business, knowledge of finances, and teamwork. He'd like to see more families shopping at the co-op, and looks forward to contributing to the ongoing growth and diversification of EFC and Northeast Minneapolis. George’s current term ends in October 2015.

Lisa Friedman

Elected to the board in 2008, Lisa Friedman lives in the Audubon Park neighborhood with her husband and two young children. She is an ordained Unitarian minister and presently serves the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Mankato. Lisa won re-election in October 2011, and will serve a second term, which will end in October of 2014.

Manisha Nordine

Manisha is a photographer, a writer, and a knitter. She participated in the MacArthur Program on Global change, Sustainability and Justice while completing her doctorate at the University of Minnesota. Using what she learned in this program, she has worked towards achieving local educational equity with the Martin Luther King Jr. Program at the U of MN. She has also provided holistic academic advising services to students from lower socio-economic Minnesota communities through the McGuire Academic Program. Manisha lives in the Audubon neighborhood with her husband and toddler. She serves on the Community Engagement and Member Linkage committees. Her current term ends in October 2015.

Mark Wilde

Mark has been a member of the co-op since 2003.  Since 2005, Mark has been active in the acquisition of public art at the co-op, facilitating the 4X8 gallery, which runs along the outside north wall of the building, organizing an art show for the co-op, and working with artists to get several other pieces hanging up around the store. In 2011, Mark assisted COMPAS and artist Sharra Frank in creating the mosaic mural near the main entrance, and in 2012, he coordinated the call-for-art and selection of new murals for the 4x8 gallery. Mark’s interests include reaching out to member/owners and the community at large.  In the nine years the store has been open, Mark believes that EFC has created a powerful group of civic minded individuals, and wants to bring our message of “building community through volunteerism, neighborhood reinvestment and local participation,” to others in Minneapolis. Mark’s term is through October 2014.

Stephanie Johnson

Elected to her first term in 2010, Stephanie Johnson returned to live in Minneapolis in 2009, moving from Austin, TX, where she served on the board of Wheatsvlle Co-op. Stephanie is an environmental engineer working on water quality in natural systems. She lives in the Aubudon Park neighborhood with her partner and son Arlo. Stephanie serves on the Capital Structure Planning and General Manager Compensation committees. Her current term will end in October 2013.

Tom Dunnwald

Tom Dunnwald joined the Board in 2006, and is serving his second term. Originally from Waterville, MN, the “Bullhead Capitol of the World,” Tom spent three seasons as a deckhand and mate on upper Mississippi towboats during his salad days. He now practices law with his wife, Sonja Peterson, at their firm, Dunnwald & Peterson, PA. They live in the Audubon Park neighborhood with their daughter, Clara, who attends Northeast Middle School. Tom serves on the Community Engagement, Member Linkage and Capital Structure Planning Committees. His current term ends in October 2015.