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Today's Co-op Deals Specials

Produce Dept

Organic Mini Watermelons$0.69/lb
Organic Mangoes 1un$1.50
Organic Green & Red Kale 1un$2.00
Local & Organic Slicer Tomatoes$3.99/lb
    Green Grapes
    Red Grapes
Organic Vine-On Tomatoes$4.99/lb
Organic Blueberries 1pt$5.99
Organic Portabella Mushrooms$5.99/lb
A&A Organic Organic Strawberries 1lb$5.99
Alba Organic Strawberries 1lb$5.99
Driscoll Organic Strawberries 1lb$5.99
Homegrown Organic Farms Organic Blueberries 0.5pt$3.99
Living Water Local & Hydro Slicer Tomatoes$3.99/lb
Living Water Local & Hydro Vine On Tomatoes$4.99/lb

Bulk Dept

Organic Red Lentils$2.19/lb
Organic Navy Beans$2.39/lb
Bergin Organic Dried Cranberries$5.69/lb
Equal Exchange Organic
    Breakfast Blend
    French Roast
    Love Buzz
    Midnight Sun
    Mind Body & Soul
Kickapoo Coffee Organic Coffee Driftless Morning Blend$10.99/lb
Peace Coffee Organic Twin Cities Blend$9.99/lb
Peace Coffee Organic
    Birchwood Blend
    Blue Ox Blend
    French Roast
    Guatemalan Dark Roast
    Guatemalan Light Roast
    Sumatran Full City
Peace Coffee Organic Decaf Dark Roast$10.99/lb

Cheese Dept

    Cheddar Cheese 1lb
    Marble Jack Cheese 1lb
    Sharp Cheddar Cheese 1lb
    White Cheddar Cheese 1lb
Odyssey Feta Cheese Crumbles$5.99/lb

Dairy Dept

Brown Cow
    Maple Cream Top Yogurt 32oz
    Plain Cream Top Yogurt 32oz
    Plain Non-Fat Yogurt 32oz
    Strawberry Bliss Yogurt 32oz
    Vanilla Cream Top Yogurt 32oz
    Vanilla Non-fat Yogurt 32oz
    Wildflower Honey Yogurt 32oz
    Cheddar Style Slices 7.8oz
    Plain Cream Cheese 8oz
    Swiss Style Slices 7.8oz
Organic Valley Organic Omega 3 2% Milk 64oz$4.69
    Chocolate Silk 64oz
    Dark Chocolate Almond Milk 64oz
    Original Almond Milk 64oz
    Plain Soymilk 64oz
    Unsweetened Almond Milk 64oz
    Unsweetened Silk 64oz
    Vanilla Almond Milk 64oz
Stonyfield Organic
    Strawberry Petite Creme Yogurt 5.3oz
    Vanilla Petite Creme Yogurt 5.3oz
Wallaby Organic Vanilla Yogurt 32oz$3.39
Wallaby Organic Orange Yogurt 6oz5/$5.00

Grocery Dept

Amy's Organic
    Baked Beans 15oz
    Refried Beans w/Green Chiles 15.4oz
    Refried Black Beans 15.4oz
    Traditional Refried Beans LS 15.4oz
Amy's Organic
    Black Bean Chili 14.7oz
    Chili w/Vegetables 14.7oz
    Medium Chili 14.7oz
    Medium Chili LS 14.7oz
    Spicy Chili 14.7oz
    Spicy Chili LS 14.7oz
    Artichoke Parmesan Dressing 8oz
    Balsamic Vinaigrette 8oz
    Cowgirl Ranch Dressing 8oz
    Goddess Dressing 8oz
    Goddess Lite Dressing 8oz
    Herb Balsamic Lite Vinaigrette 8oz
    Lemon and Chive Dressing 8oz
    Raspberry Lite Vinaigrette 8oz
    Roasted Red Pepper Dressing 8oz
    Shiitake Sesame Vinaigrette 8oz
    Tuscany Italian Vinaigrette 8oz
    Woodstock Dressing 8oz
    Cowgirl Ranch Dressing 16oz
    Goddess Dressing 16oz
Annie's Organic
    Alfredo Shells and Cheddar 6oz
    Peace Pasta Parmesan 6oz
    Shells & White Cheddar 6oz
    Shells and Aged Cheddar 6oz
    Whole Wheat Shells & White Cheddar 6oz
Back To Nature
    Granola Almond Chai 11oz
    Granola Banana Walnut 11oz
    Granola Chocolate Delight 12oz
    Barbecue Bean & Rice Chips 5.5oz
    Nacho Bean & Rice Chips 6oz
    Pico de Gallo Bean & Rice Chips 6oz
    Ranch Bean & Rice Chips 5.5oz
    Sea Salt Bean & Rice Chips 6oz
Bionaturae Organic Tomato Paste 7oz$1.69
Bionaturae Organic
    Capellini 16oz
    Chiocciole 16oz
    Elbows 16oz
    Fusilli 16oz
    Linguine 16oz
    Penne Rigate 16oz
    Rigatoni 16oz
    Rombi 16oz
    Spaghetti 16oz
    Whole Wheat Chiocciole 16oz
    Whole Wheat Fettuccine 16oz
    Whole Wheat Fusilli 16oz
    Whole Wheat Gobbetti 16oz
    Whole Wheat Penne Rigate 16oz
    Whole Wheat Rigatoni 16oz
    Whole Wheat Spaghetti 16oz
    Whole Wheat Spaghettini 16oz
Bionaturae Organic Strained Tomatoes 24oz$2.39
Bionaturae Organic
    Crushed Tomatoes 28.2oz
    Diced Tomatoes 28.2oz
    Whole Peeled Tomatoes 28.2oz
Bionaturae Organic
    Lasagne 12oz
    Pappardelle 8.8oz
    Tagliatelle 8.8oz
    Whole Wheat Lasagne 12oz
Bionaturae Organic
    GF Elbows 12oz
    GF Fusilli 12oz
Blue Sky
    Stevia Cola 6x12 oz
    Stevia Ginger Ale 6x12 oz
    Stevia Root Beer 6x12 oz
Cafix Cafix Instant Beverage Crystals 7oz$5.99
California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.4oz$10.99
Clif Bar Organic
    Blueberry Zfruit & Veg 5x0.7 oz
    Cherry Cherry Zfruit & Veg 5x0.7 oz
    Mango Mania Zfruit & Veg 5x0.7 oz
Clif Bar
    Cocoa Builder Bar 2.4oz
    Cookies 'n Cream Builder Bar 2.4oz
    Crunchy Peanut Butter Builder Bar 2.4oz
    Mint Builder Bar 2.4oz
    Peanut Builder Bar 2.4oz
    Vanilla Almond Builder Bar 2.4oz
Crofter's Organic Pomegranate Spread 10oz$2.69
Crofter's Organic
    Strawberry Fruit Spread 10oz
    Superfruit Spread 10oz
    Wild Blueberry Spread 10oz
Crystal Geyser
    Sparkling Mineral Water 42.3oz
    Sparkling Mineral Water Lemon 42.3oz
    Sparkling Mineral Water Lime 42.3oz
    Blood Orange Soda 4x12 oz
    Cucumber Soda 4x12 oz
    Juniper Berry Soda 4x12 oz
    Lavender Soda 4x12 oz
    Rhubarb Soda 4x12 oz
    Vanilla Bean Soda 4x12 oz
    Wild Lime Soda 4x12 oz
Equal Exchange Organic
    Black Tea 20ct
    Chai Tea 20ct
    Darjeeling 20ct
    Earl Grey Tea 20ct
    English Breakfast Tea 20ct
    Green Tea 20ct
    Jasmine Green Tea 20ct
    Mint Green Tea 20ct
    Rooibos Tea 20ct
Equal Exchange Organic
    Almond Dark Chocolate Bar 3.5oz
    Caramel Crunch Sea Salt Chocolate Bar 3.5oz
    Chocolate Bar w/Raspberry 3.5oz
    Lemon Ginger w/ Black Pepper Chocolate Bar 3.5oz
    Mint Chocolate Bar 3.5oz
    Panama Extra Dark Chocolate Bar 3.5oz
    Very Dark Chocolate Bar 3.5oz
Equal Exchange Organic
    Baking Cocoa 8oz
    Hot Cocoa Mix 12oz
Equal Exchange Organic
    Breakfast Blend 12oz
    Colombian 12oz
    French Roast 10oz
    Love Buzz 10oz
    Mind Body & Soul 12oz
Equal Exchange Organic Decaf Coffee 12oz$9.99
    Almond Extract 2oz
    Lemon Extract 2oz
    Vanilla Extract 2oz
Fruit Bliss Dried Fruit Medley 7oz$3.49
Garden Of Eatin' Organic
    Blue Corn Tortilla Chips 16oz
    Red Hot Blues 16oz
    Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips 16oz
Glutino Gluten Free
    Chocolate Covered Wafer Bites 5oz
    Hazelnut Wafer Bites 5oz
    Lemon Wafer Bites 5oz
Go Raw Organic Sprouted Watermelon Seeds 10oz$6.99
Green & Black Organic Dark Chocolate w/Chilies 3.5oz$2.69
Green Forest Facial Tissue 175ct3/$5.00
Heavenly Organics Organic
    Chocolate Almond Honey Pattie 4.66oz
    Chocolate Ginger Honey Pattie 4.66oz
    Chocolate Mint Honey Pattie 4.66oz
    Chocolate Pomegranate Honey Pattie 4.66oz
Honest Kids Organic
    Appley Ever After 8x200 ml
    Goodness Grapeness 8x200 mL
    Super Fruit Punch 8x200 mL
    Tropical Tango Punch 8x200 ml
Honest Tea Organic All Varieties 16oz12/$12.00
Ice Chips Candy
    Ice Chips Berry Mix 1.76oz
    Ice Chips Immunity Plus 1.76oz
    Ice Chips Lemon 1.76oz
    Ice Chips Wintergreen 1.76oz
Ito En
    Golden Oolong Tea 16.9oz
    Green Jasmine Tea 16.9oz
    Green Tea 16.9oz
Jeff's Naturals
    Diced Jalapeno Peppers 12oz
    Golden Greek Pepperocini 12oz
    Sliced Hot Cherry Peppers 12oz
Jeff's Naturals Antipasto Spicy Italian Olives 12oz$3.99
Jeff's Naturals Organic
    Castelvetrano Olives 7.5oz
    Sliced Kalalmata Olives 7oz
Kashi Original 7 Grain Crackers 9oz$3.39
Kettle Brand
    Salt & Pepper Potato Chips 8oz
    Sea Salt Potato Chips 8oz
Kettle Brand
    Cheddar Beer Potato Chips 5oz
    Honey Dijon Potato Chips 5oz
    Jalapeno Jack Potato Chips 5oz
    Maple Bacon Potato Chips 5oz
    New York Cheddar Potato Chips 5oz
    Potato Chips No Salt 5oz
    Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips 5oz
    Sea Salt Potato Chips 5oz
    Spicy Thai Potato Chips 5oz
    Chocolate Chunk Granola Bar 5x1.2 oz
    Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Granola Bar 5x1.2 oz
    Vanilla Blueberry Granola Bar 5x1.2 oz
    Cinnamon Oat w/Flax Clusters 11oz
    Oats & Honey Clusters w/Coconut Clusters 11oz
    Peanut Butter Whole Grain Clusters 11oz
Late July Organic
    Thin Chia and Quinoa Tortilla Chips 11oz
    Thin Sea Salt Tortilla Chips 11oz
Lesser Evil Popcorn Hymalayan Pink Salt 5oz$2.99
    Bar Chocolate Citrus & Pink Pepper 2.64oz
    Bar Chocolate Espresso Bean 2.64oz
    Bars Chocolate Cinnamon & Chili Pepper 2.64oz
    Sea Salt And Nibs Bar 2.64oz
    Toasted Coconut Chocolate Bar 2.64oz
Mediterranean Snacks
    Cracked Pepper Lentil Crackers 4.5oz
    Rosemary Herb Lentil Crackers 4.5oz
Miso Master Organic Sweet White Miso 16oz$7.99
Miso Master Organic
    Barley Miso 16oz
    Red Miso 16oz
Mom's Best
    Cocoa Crunch 16oz
    Crispy Cocoa Rice 17.5oz
    Honey & Nut Toasty O's 20oz
    Honey Grahams 17.5oz
    Mallow-oats Cereal 16oz
    Raisin Bran 22oz
    Sweetened Wheatfuls 24oz
    Toasted Cinnamon Squares 17.5oz
    Toasted Wheat-fuls 24oz
Natural Brew
    Ginger Ale 4x12 oz
    Root Beer 4x12 oz
Nature's Path Organic
    Blueberry Toaster Pastries 11oz
    Cherry Pomegranate Toaster Pastries 11oz
    Granny's Apple Pie Toaster Pastries 11oz
    Strawberry Toaster Pastries 11oz
    Wildberry Acai Toaster Pastries 11oz
Nature's Path Organic Crunchy Maple Sunrise Cereal 10.6oz$3.39
Newman's Organic Pretzel Rods 8oz$2.39
Newman's Own Organic
    Peppermint Mints 1.76oz
    Wintergreen Mints 1.76oz
Newman's Own Organic
    Pomegranate Licorice Twist 5oz
    Sour Apple Licorice Twist 5oz
    Sour Cherry Licorice Twist 5oz
    Sour Mango Licorice Twist 5oz
    Strawberry Licorice Twist 5oz
    Maple Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn 2x3.5 oz
    Parmesan Rosemary Microwave Popcorn 2x3.5 oz
R.W. Knudsen
    Cranberry Nectar 32oz
    Pineapple Coconut Juice 32oz
Royal Hawaiian Coffee Banana Nut Macadamia Crunch 4oz$3.69
    Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Pepper 3oz
    Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel 3oz
    Dark Chocolate w/Coconut 2.75oz
San Pellegrino Pompelmo Sparkling Soda 6x11.15 oz$5.49
    Sweet & Tangy Sauce 10oz
    Szechuan Sauce 10oz
    Teriyaki Sauce 10oz
    Thai Peanut Sauce 10oz
Santa Cruz Organic
    Cherry Lemonade 32oz
    Lemonade 32oz
    Limeade 32oz
    Mango Lemonade 32oz
    Peach Lemonade 32oz
    Raspberry Lemonade 32oz
    Strawberry Lemonade 32oz
Seventh Generation
    Diapers Stage 3 31ct
    Diapers Stage 4 27ct
    Diapers Stage 5 23ct
    Newborn Diapers 36ct
So Delicious Organic
    Chocolate Coconut Milk 32oz
    Original Coconut Milk 32oz
    Unsweetened Cashew Milk 32oz
    Unsweetened Coconut Milk 32oz
    Unsweetened Vanilla Cashew Milk 32oz
    Vanilla Coconut Milk 32oz
    Original Exotic Veggie Chips 5oz
    Sweet Potato No Salt Added 6oz
    Sweets & Beets 6oz
That's It Fruit Bar Apple Mango 1.2oz$1.29
Theo Organic
    Cherry & Almond Dark Chocolate 3oz
    Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Bar 3oz
    Dark Chocolate Bar w/Sea Salt 3oz
    Mint Dark Chocolate Bar 3oz
    Orange Dark Chocolate 3oz
    Salted Almond Chocolate Bar 3oz
    Spicy Chile Dark Chocolate 3oz
Theo Organic
    Chocolate Bar w/Vanilla Nibs 3oz
    Milk Chocolate Coffee and Cream Bar 3oz
Turtle Island Foods
    Tofurkey Beer Brats 14oz
    Tofurkey Italian Sausage 14oz
    Tofurkey Kielbasa 14oz
Way Better Snacks
    Black Bean Tortilla Chips 5.5oz
    So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips 5.5oz
Westbrae Organic
    Black beans 15oz
    Black Lentils 15oz
    Chili Beans 15oz
    Fava Beans 15oz
    Garbanzo Beans 15oz
    Great Northern Beans 15oz
    Kidney Beans 15oz
    Lentils 15oz
    Pinto Beans 15oz
    Red Beans 15oz
    Salad Beans 15oz
    Soup Beans 15oz
    Soy Beans 15oz
Woodstock Organic Ketchup 14oz$1.99
Woodstock Organic Stone Ground Mustard 8oz$1.99
Woodstock Organic Sweet Relish 16oz$3.69
Woodstock Organic
    Baby Kosher Dill Pickles 24oz
    Bread & Butter Sweet Pickles 24oz
    Dill Pickle Spears 24oz
    Kosher Dill Whole Pickles 24oz
    Mayonnaise 32oz
    Sliced Kosher Dill Pickles 24oz
Woodstock Hardwood Lump Charcoal 8.8lb$7.99
    Black Cherry Soda 6x12 oz
    Cherry Cola 6x12 oz
    Cola 6x12 oz
    Cream Soda 6x12 oz
    Dr. Zevia 6x12 oz
    Ginger Ale 6x12 oz
    Ginger Root Beer 6x12 oz
    Grape Soda 6x12 oz
    Lime Cola 6x12 oz
    Mountain Zevia 6x12 oz
    Orange Soda 6x12 oz
    Strawberry Soda 6x12 oz
    Twist 6x12 oz

Frozen Dept

# Boca Burger Ground Crumbles 12oz$3.69
Boca Burger
    Chik'n Nuggets 10oz
    Original Chik'n Patties 10oz
    Spicy Chik'n Patties 10oz
    Vegan Burgers 10oz
Cascadian Farm Organic
    Blackberries 10oz
    Blueberries 8oz
    Frozen Peaches 10oz
    Harvest Berries 10oz
    Chipotle Chicken Mac & Cheese 8oz
    Truffle Parmesan Mac & Cheese 8oz
    Chicken Bean and Rice Burrito 6oz
    Cilantro Lime Chicken Burrito 6oz
    Shredded Beef Burrito 6oz
Stonyfield Organic
    After Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt 16oz
    Crème Caramel Frozen Yogurt 16oz
    Gotta Have Vanilla Frozen Yogurt 16oz
    Minty Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt 16oz
    Caramel Sea Salt Gelato Pop 3x3 oz
    Caribbean Coconut Gelato Pop 3x3 oz
Van's Gluten Free
    Blueberry Waffles 8.5oz
    Blueberry Waffles 9.5oz
    Original Waffles 8oz

Meat Dept

Kadejan Chicken 8-piece$2.99/lb
Kadejan Turkey Drum Smoked$3.29/lb
Organic Prairie Organic Classic Hot Dog 12oz$6.99
Organic Prairie Organic Pasture Raised Beef Hot Dog 12oz$7.99
Organic Prairie Organic Classic Hot Dog 12oz$8.99
Organic Prairie Organic Pasture Raised Beef Hot Dog 12oz$9.99

Bread Dept

Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free
    Cinnamon Raisin Bread 18oz
    Mountain White Bread 18oz
    San Juan 7 Grain Bread 18oz
Rudi's Organic Wheat Hotdog Buns 12oz$3.19
Rudi's Organic Wheat Hamburger Buns 18oz$3.69
Rudi's Gluten Free
    Multigrain Sandwich Bread 18oz
    Original Sandwich Bread 18oz

HBC Dept

    Green Tea Sunscreen Spf45 4oz
    Kids Emollient Sunscreen 4oz
    Lavender Very Emollient Sunscreen 4oz
    SPF 45 Sport Sunscreen 4oz
Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk 4.9oz$32.99
Dr. Hauschka
    Rose Day Cream 1oz
    Rose Day Cream Light 1oz
Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Day Oil 1oz$36.99
    Powersmile Toothpaste 6oz
    Sea Fresh Toothpaste 6oz
Jason Powersmile Gel 6oz$4.99
    Healthy Mouth Mouthwash 16oz
    Powersmile Mouthwash 16oz
Longfellow Soap Co.
    Soap Cedar w/Cedar Sawdust 4oz
    Soap Lavender w/Lavender Flowers 4oz
    Soap Lemongrass w/Lemon Peel 4oz
Nourish Organic Argan Oil 3.4oz$12.99
Radius Mint Floss w/Xyllitol 55yd$2.99
Radius Tampon Case $2.99
Radius Totz Toothbrush 1un$2.99
Radius Soft Toothbrush 1un$6.99
Radius Medium Toothbrush 1un$6.99
South of France
    Almond Gourmande Soap 6oz
    Lavender Fields Soap 6oz
    Lemon Verbena Soap 6oz
    Shea Butter Soap 6oz
    Bath Salts Psychic Detox 2.5oz
    Bath Salts Sweet Dreams 2.5oz
    Body Mist Psychic Detox 4oz
    Body Mist Sunny Outlook 4oz
    Body Mist Sweet Dreams 4oz
    True Love Body Mist 4oz
    Magickal Perfume Habit Breaker 0.33oz
    Magickal Perfume Protection 0.33oz
    Magickal Perfume Sunny Outlook 0.33oz
    Magickal Perfume Sweet Dreams 0.33oz

Supplements Dept

# New Chapter Every Woman's One Daily 72ct$43.99
Country Life Calcium Magnesium Zinc 180ct$12.99
Eastside Magnesium 125 mg 50ct$10.99
Eastside Prenatal Once Daily 120ct$14.99
Garden of Life Organic
    Chocolate Organic Plant Protein 9oz
    Vanilla Organic Plant Protein 9oz
Garden of Life Kids Raw Probiotics 3.4oz$21.99
Garden of Life Organic
    Chocolate Raw Protein 23oz
    Raw Protein 22oz
    Vanilla Raw Protein 22oz
Garden of Life Organic
    Raw Fit 15.9oz
    Vanilla Raw Fit 15.62oz
Garden of Life
    Colon Care Raw Probiotics 30ct
    Vaginal Care Raw Probiotics 30ct
Garden of Life
    Men's Probiotics 90ct
    Ultimate Care Raw Probiotics 30ct
    Womens 50+ Probiotic 90ct
    Womens Probiotics 90ct
Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Probiotic 90ct$39.99
Natural Factors Melatonin Chewable 5mg 90ct$9.49
Natural Factors Coq10 100mg Twin Pack 2x60 ct$19.99
Natural Factors Menosense 90ct$20.99
Natural Factors Menosense 90ct$21.99
Natural Factors Biosil 60ct$24.99
Natural Factors Biosil Collagen 30ml$25.99
New Chapter Perfect Prenatal 48ct$21.99
New Chapter Every Woman's One Daily 48ct$28.99
Nutrex Vegan Hawaiian Spirulina 5oz$14.99
Nutrition Now Calci-bears w/Vitamin D 60ct$6.99
Nutrition Now
    Pb-8 Acidophilus 120ct
    Pb-8 Probiotic Acidophilus 120ct
Trac Health
    Chia Blackberry Hibiscus 0.54oz
    Chia Coconut Water Drink Mix 0.54oz
    Chia Superfoods Drink Mix 0.54oz
    Kombucha Berry Drink Mix 0.54oz
    Kombucha Pear Ginger Drink Mix 0.54oz