City skyline with fruits and veggies
The Love of Local
City skyline with fruits and veggies

The Love of Local

Local Spotlight


Grocery is proud to offer bulk kombucha from Feral Beverage Co. - made right here in Minneapolis. Come in and have a sample! We also have glass growlers for sale next to the bulk tap for your convenience. 


In the produce aisle you may have noticed many new options. We're very excited about Thiel Microgreens. A product of Thiel Gardens these greens are local, urban, and because of their deep winter greenhouse, have the potential to be a year-round local green treat!


Worker B body care is a one of our favorites. They use only natural, chemical, antibiotic and pesticide- free ingredients from non-migratory beekeepers! Their personal relationships with local beekeepers and, clean, sustainable bee products combine for effective skincare.


As our Meat Department grows so does our choice of natural, fresh proteins. Misty Fjord Seafood is family run by two sisters. With a small fishing crew based in Alaska and distribution based in Stillwater, MN they make buying fresh Alaskan seafood as local as it can be.


What makes Northern Lights Blue cheese special isn't just the taste, (which is spectacular), but that they work right here in Minneapolis and source their milk from local dairies.