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Healing Alchemy Aromatherapy

'Calm the Mind and the Body Will Follow'

That's the insight and direction of those who work in aromatherapy. It's long been acknowledged that plants have been able to produce a strong positive effect on the mental status of the ailing. For example, in ancient times, bundles of lavender were given to women in labor for squeezing during contractions because the fragrance released was known to calm the pain and anxiety to facilitate child birth. Another example, Greek scholars were known to twine rosemary in their hair while studying for exams in the hope of aiding their memories.

However, it was only recently that western care centers began playing with the idea of using aromatherapy to help ease the pain and anxiety of terminal hospice patients, those suffering severe side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and individuals experiencing dementia. This is where we introduce you to our newest product line, Healing Alchemy Aromatherapy, a Minneapolis based aromatherapy company dedicated to providing patients with free access to essential oil therapy through the use of inhalers and wristbands.

Patricia and Brian, co-founders of Healing Alchemy Aromatherapy, in partnership with Fairview, created four different essential oil blends that are designed to reduce nausea and vomiting, ease stress, anxiety, muscle pain, and enhance relaxation and sleep.  These blends were first distributed to staff, allowing the aromas to reach patients through proximity, but more recently have been given directly to patients willing to practice what is referred to as complementary healing.  The results were real; patients were reporting mental clarity, relaxation, and a peacefulness that would allow for relief of the physical pain of disease and side effects from treatments.

With the successful and positive feedback from everyone involved, Healing Alchemy Aromatherapy decided to continue their mission of helping those in need, and we at Eastside are proud to say that we are partnering together to allow our customers the opportunity to experience the benefits of these great essential oil blends and carriers for an economical price. Here's what you will now find our shelves:

Listed below are four custom created essential oil blends, carriers and retail prices:

Soothing Blend - for tummy and queasiness

Calming Blend - for relaxation and comfort

Uplifting Blend - for positive emotion

Energizing Blend - for energy and clarity

Wristband with all four blends (2ml) and matching ceramic inserts - $13.99

Inhalers - $6.99

Replacement Oils (10ml) - $7.99


We are so excited to work together with Healing Alchemy Aromatherapy. Thank you to Patricia and Brian for allowing us to share in your mission!

For further information, guides, and audio meditation to match please visit their website: http://www.haaromatherapy.com