Growing a Cooperative Future

Northeast Network: Growing a Cooperative Future

There is a long history of cooperatives in Minneapolis. How have they impacted our community? What is the current state of the cooperative movement? Join Cooperative Historian Tom Pierson and Brenda Pfahnl of Shared Capital Cooperative for a discussion about the past, present, and future of cooperatives in Minneapolis. 







Brenda Pfahnl has worked at Shared Capital Cooperative since 2009, and has been a cooperative lender for the past 25 years. She specializes in financing cooperative grocery stores and food systems related cooperatives across the country, including producer, worker and consumer cooperatives.








Tom Pierson provides education services to cooperatives of all types. He is a regular speaker on co-op history and has researched Minnesota's cooperatives extensively. Tom serves on the boards of Shared Capital Cooperative (a co-op of co-ops that provides development financing) and Twin Cities Co-op Partners (the wholesale and retail co-op that includes Wedge and Linden Hills brands).






Thursday, September 14

7:30am - 8:30am

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