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Meat is one of the most popular items on the American table. How do we source meat that is both nutritious and appetizing? What are the new trends in meat products? Join Thousand Hills Cattle Company owner Matt Maier and local meat Salumiere and Charcuterie master producer Mike Phillips of Red Table Meats as we talk about - and sample! - delicious, healthy meats.

Mike Phillips: Owner, Red Table Meat Co. Mike Phillips is a local chef turned salumiere. Mike realized his dream of becoming Minnesota’s only local dry-cured salumi producer after initially testing his products in the Cara Irish Pubs. The result: Red Table Meat Co., a USDA-inspected whole hog salumi company based in the Food Building. Mike has gathered a group of five farms who raise various heritage-breed hogs in small, sustainable settings. He hopes to elevate the regional identity of Minnesota hogs through thoughtfully-crafted, quality salumi.

Matt Maier: Owner, Thousand Hills Cattle Company Matt was born and raised on a multi-species farm near Clearwater, MN. After leaving home, vowing to his parents he would never work on a farm again, he graduated from college and worked in the conventional food industry for 20 years. Then, slowly, he realized his real vocational purpose and passion was to play a role in improving the U.S. food system. This led him right back to the family farm! Thousand Hills offered a wonderful opportunity to raise grass-fed beef on the land where he was raised, grow a brand with a meaningful mission and raise his children in a rural environment.


Thursday, October 12

7:30am - 8:30am

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