This summer, Eastside Food Co-op is all about BADGER! This B-corp certified company from New Hampshire is a highlight of the natural products industry. Their sunscreens are fantastic! Water resistant, non-GMO, non nano, and most importantly, bio-degradable. A product you can feel good about putting on yourself and your family without further damage to our planet.


We're so excited about the new Badger products in-store:


Three facial formulas offer a cleansing oil and a facial oil, they come in Rose Damascus for aging skin, Argan for everyone's skin, and Sea Buckthorn for breakout-prone skin.

Why facial cleansing oils? Cleansing oils work by breaking down the oil clogging your pores, oil that has mixed with make-up or environmental pollutants. Massaging the face with the cleansing oil dislodges the dirt and grime you don't want on your face all night. Lastly, a warm wash cloth over your face pulls out the gunk, then use the cloth to wipe your face and you're done! A quick, easy, and pampering routine for the end of your day.


We also have new Baby and Mama balms and oils; for everything you need as a soon to be, or new mama. Our favorite is the Night Night balm for babies (and caretakers), it is a dream!